Our mission

Create digital products with excellent design and reasonable prices

  • Since its establishment in 2004, Sunmo Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the ODM and OEM business of producing electronic computer peripheral products. Since 2010, the company has made strategic adjustments and plans to the company’s business direction in accordance with the changes in the digital product situation at home and abroad and in compliance with the needs of the market. The company has mobilized professional design teams and R&D teams, and has introduced a Korean KCM design company for cooperation. , Began to focus on the design and production of Apple, Samsung, and Nokia mobile phone accessories, especially in the case of protective covers, protective cases, brackets and other small accessories.



    Because the company has been positioning itself as a OEM for domestic and foreign brands for many years, it has never appeared in the mass market under its own brand for many years. Over the past few years, it has been discovered that there are many "licensed goods" on the market, almost all of which are defective and defective, and so are the so-called foreign trade tail orders. Markets are shoddy and deceive consumers. Inferior products can be seen everywhere in the market. Many factories are forced to make a living, and continue to reduce product costs,

    and product quality has been sacrificed alive. Therefore, the senior management of Flash Moos decided to launch their own brand, which is"Flash Mo" in Chinese and "NEOMEMOS" in English.

  • Become a respected, world-renowned brand of digital accessories


    A respectable company means: 1. To create user value as the core. 2. Have a strong sense of social responsibility. 3. The benefit is the entire value chain, including: users, customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders.

    World-renowned: Originated in Shenzhen, based in China, and looking to the world.

  • company culture


    Mission: Create value for users, enhance employee happiness, and contribute to social development.

    Vision: to become a valuable and warm global brand;

    Values: user-centered, sincere and dedicated;

    Business philosophy: Through continuous optimization, gradually build an efficient and viable organization, strive for and create opportunities to provide users with valuable products and services,

    So as to obtain a reasonable return.




    Brand Concept


         Be solid, stronger, bigger, better, and longer

  • Flash Magic Team



    The Flash Magic team is a new era talent echelon with a global perspective. The team members are mainly composed of product, R&D, design, marketing, and service talents, including R&D and design elites from traditional manufacturing, as well as marketing service talents from the Internet and cross-border trade. Open, enthusiastic, and enterprising, Green Alliance people pay attention to products, learn new technologies and new trends with an open mind, maintain investment in product research and development, and invest in team talents.

    With the mission of Smart Manufacturing in China, Flash Mole is determined to provide global users with high-quality, well-designed, reasonably priced products and excellent services, so that Flash Mob will become an innovative digital accessory brand trusted and respected by users worldwide.